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All fired up

Fat Zach's Wood Fired Pizza debuted in 2018. Our story getting here is a funny one that dates back over 20 years. And it started with chicken. Check it out. 

Today we offer delicious pizza from our mobile wood fire oven. We blend traditional and non-traditional methods using fragrant hard woods. Our favorites are Apple, Oak, and Pecan. You can almost smell it from here.

That's not the best part. Want to know what makes our pizzas like none you've tried before? Come a little closer. Closer. Our secret is in the dough. And, the sauce.

A delicious double-whammy full of tasty surprises. 

We can't tell you what's in it. We can tell you owner/creator Zach kneaded countless recipes until he got it just right. With his family by his side as taste testers, they perfected the right amount of crust to crunch. Regular and gluten-free. 

What about the sauce, you ask? Equally created with care, that's a story for another day. 

Now serving the Pacific Northwest. Let's get fired up. Book now.



mobile pizza OVEN

Fat Zach's Wood Fired Pizza comes to you. Our mobile oven offers simple set-up to cater your event. Our 5-star customer service leaves you more time to interact with guests and enjoy more pizza.

memorable menus

Each pizza is crafted with care combining the freshest ingredients with our secret dough and sauce recipe. Choose from our favorite staples or work with us to create a customized menu for your event. See our menu.



FZ Future -Revealed-


It’s been over a year since we recorded the bottom video.


 Since then, we’ve acquired another trailer allowing us to become a dependable lunch and dinner option in the heart of Puyallup and also expand our catering and festival availability. The building in the background no longer exists, our trailer has been upgraded, our staff has doubled and we’ve made over 20,000 pies.

Now we’d like to fill you in on our biggest change yet  – Fat Zach’s Wood Fired Pizza – Sumner -  Our very own Brick and Mortar and our new second home.

Opening our first brick and mortar in Sumner, WA!
Fat Zach’s makes your pizza exactly how you like it. And treat you amazing in the process.
— Sarah Nihem Stanton