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pizza that unites

Pizza has the power to unite. From CEO to construction worker, meat lover to vegetarian, people come together to share pizza. Sitting around a pie, simple and delicious, creates easy-going conversation and enjoyable camaraderie. Even if only for a moment.

mission statement


Fat Zach's Pizza brings people together. We deliver great food in a fun environment while creating memorable experiences.

Tricks of the Trade - Zach teaches his son Jackson the Jet the trick to getting a perfect round.

Tricks of the Trade - Zach teaches his son Jackson the Jet the trick to getting a perfect round.


our story

Fat Zach's dates back to the late 1990s and chicken. Yes, chicken. Bet you thought we were going to say pizza.

As the story goes, on the eve before his high school football team's "big game," owner/creator Zach Johns bought himself a roasted chicken for lunch at the local Costco. He ate the entire chicken and played well that game. Thus began a season-long superstition eating chicken and lovingly gaining the nickname "Fat Zach" from his teammates. When it came time to think about company names some twenty years later, "Fat Zach's" just stuck. Winner, winner, chicken (and pizza) dinner.  

The desire to bring Fat Zach's Pizza to life became an itch he couldn't scratch starting in 2014. After building a backyard pizza oven and testing too many dough recipes to count, Fat Zach's turned from backyard dream to wood fire pizza reality.



We love working with partners who have a passion for pizza, just like us. We'll be adding them to our site soon. Email us if you are interested in working with us.




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Our party with Fat Zach’s Pizza went great! Everyone loved the food. The staff was so nice. We’ll use you again in the future!
— Nicole Duenas
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